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Custom Boats

With sizes ranging 10-28' in length and 36-70" in width, Alweld offers an endless number of configurations for custom boats. Whether you use your boat for recreational or commercial purposes, we can help you choose the options that are right for your.

Click here to see full list of custom sizes.

Click here to see full list of custom options.

*FV denotes Flat Bottom, Vee Nose 

Custom Options

Transom Height                                                  



Extra Long

Hull Options                                                       

2" Drain

Heavy Boweye

Treadplate Bow/Corners

Tunnel Mud (4.5")

Tunnel Performance (2.5")

Transom Options                                               

Extra Knee Brace


Motor Pad





Heavy Rail

T-Slot Rail

Cleats (4,welded)

Layout Package                                                 

DS Package

DSLW Package

LA Package

No Seat

SS Package (Floor required)

SSMB Package

Rear Deck Options                                            

36" Rear Deck

48" Rear Deck

Custom Size Rear Deck

Rear Deck Livewell

Rear Lid

Front Deck Options                                            

38" Front Deck

44" Front Deck

52" Front Deck

55" Bass Deck w/ Lid

*Bow Mount Fuel Tank


Custom Size (55" max)

Drop Deck

Flush Deck

Front Deck Livewell

Front Deck Step

Wash Deck

Front Deck Extensions                                       

Deck Extension LW

Deck Extension/Drybox

Deck Extension 9, 12,14,18,24"

Deck Extension Custom

Installed Seating                                                

Cross Seat

Extra Seat Base

LF Pod Seating

Split Rear Seat

Floor and Sides                                                  

Floor Only

Floor and Sides

Storage Options                                                 

18" Side Seat Storage

24" Side Seat Storage

30" Side Seat Storage

36" Side Seat Storage

Crappie Seatbox 

Custom Side Seat Stg.

Full Seat Storage

Gun/Rod Box

Rod Tray (ea)

Seat Box

Split Rear Storage (ea)

Livewell Options                                                

18" Side Seat Livewell

24" Side Seat Livewell

30" Side Seat Livewell

36" Side Seat Livewell

Aerator Installed

Center Cross Seat Livewell

Custom Side Seat LW


Picture Frame Lid

Shoe Box Lid


Battery Tray

Cleats (Welded)

Oarlocks (set)

Stick Steer Brackets

Throttle Bracket

Transducer Bracket

Troll Motor Bracket

Side Consoles                                                    

Bass Console

Side Console Large

Side Console Medium

Side Console Small

Center Consoles                                                

Center Console Large

Center Console Medium

Center Console Small

Console Parts                                                    

Bass Windshield

Large CC Windshield

Small CC Windshield

Large CC Grabrail

Small CC Grabrail

Console Boxes/Livewells                                   

Add Livewell Drain

Bass Console Box

Large CC Box

Medium CC Box

Small CC Box


Flat Brown

Flat Gray

Flat Khaki

Flat OD Green

No Paint

Specifications, options and standard features are subject to change without notice.

Paint-Exterior Upgrade                                      

Battleship Gray/Flat Gray

Black/Flat Gray

Black/Flat Khaki

Blue/Flat Gray

Blue/Flat Khaki


Camo Exterior Only

Hunter Green/Flat Khaki

Red/Flat Gray

Red/Flat Khaki

White/Flat Gray

White/Flat Khaki

Interior NonSkid (Standard Colors Only)           

Interior Carpet

Gray Carpet

Tan Carpet

Fuel Tank                                                           

11 Gallon Fuel

13 Gallon Direct Fill Gas Tank 

17 Gallon Fuel*

27 Gallon SEAT Tank*

28 Gallon Fuel

*bow mount available, see sec. 7 for price


Aerator Installed

Bilge Pump

Gauge Kit (T/F)

Light Kit

Light Switch in Corner

Switch Panel 

Troll Motor Wire


Hydraulic Steering 

Steering/Switch Panel

Stick Steering

Yamaha Binnacle

Yamaha Side

Rigging Extras                                                   

Cleats (Nylon)

Cushion Seats

17" Fishing Seat

Clam Shell Seat

Bench Seat

Leaning Post w/Cushion

Seat Pad

List of Custom Options


Photos of popular custom options below. 

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