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About Us

Founded in 1979 by Joe and Farrell Beck, Alweld was built on the guiding principle…’Quality over Quantity.’  That principle remains a motto from which we will never stray. 


Our boats are built by skilled craftsmen who take pride in the boats we produce.  When it comes to strength, we let our welds speak for themselves.  


We strive to continuously upgrade our facilities to provide  quality products for our customers.  Alweld uses the latest CAD software to ensure a high degree of accuracy, consistency and repeatability. Each boat is individually programmed and laid out to ensure every component fits just right.


Whether you use your boat for recreation or commercial purposes, you can rest assure your Alweld will last for years to come.



Solar Panels.png
Solar Panels2.png

Alweld is proud to announce we are
100% solar powered.
In late 2019, our plant began the process to decrease our carbon footprint. The addition of 684 solar panels has allowed Alweld to harness the energy of the sun and power our plant using one of the cleanest, most reliable sources available.



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