Jon Boat Series

Ranging from 10-18', with several seating arrangements, there is sure to be a Jon Boat for you.  Our Jons can be used just as they are or can be a base hull for a Custom rig.

Standard Color Options

Our standard colors are a flat finish and are standard on all boats.  No paint is also available.  

Options Available

Short Transom

Long Transom

Extra Long Transom

Tunnel (Standard 5", suitable for prop)

Tunnel (Performance 2 1/2", suitable for jet or prop)

Pontoons (non step)

DS Package

DSLW Package

LA Package

SS Package (Floor Only)

SSMB Package

Seat Base In Deck

Seat Base in Floor (SS Model)

Seat Base in Seat

Battery Tray


Trolling Motor Setup


Bilge Pump

Light Kit

Specifications, options and standard features are subject to change without notice.