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  • Can I purchase a boat factory direct?
    Customers must purchase through an Alweld Dealer. Please see our dealer map to find a dealer near you.
  • What if there is not a dealer near me?
    While Alweld is expanding, there is a possibility there is not a dealer in your area. However, most of our current dealers deal with out of state customers and we will do our best to set you up with one of those dealers.
  • How do I become a dealer?
    To be considered for dealership, you must currently be in business and have a store front. For other requirements, please call 501-939-9814
  • Can I register my boat online?
    Yes. New boats can be registered online. Boats that have been purchased second hand are not eligible for registration. Under the 'more' tab, click 'Boat Registration', fill out and submit form. Or click here to be redirected to the Boat Registration Page.
  • I have lost the MSO to my boat. How to I replace it?
    Manufacturer Statements of Origin cannot be provided directly to the customer from Alweld. Customer must contact the dealer the boat was purchased from. Only an Alweld dealer can request a duplicate MSO.
  • Where do I find the Hull Identification Number on my boat?
    Older Alwelds have the HIN stamped directly in to the transom. It will not be on a tag. To see the number you will need to be eye level with the outside of the transom. The HIN will be stamped about 2 inches below the top of the transom to the right of where the engine would hang. Newer models will have a HIN tag welded on the right side of the transom.
  • What are the purpose of trim tabs?
    Trim tabs allow versility in how you load the boat and engine weight, etc. Anglin them slightly down will increase stern lift which allows more trim of the engine. They allow fine tuning ability of the planing of the boat.
  • Can I purchase touch up paint?
    Please contact an Alweld Dealer for touchup paint.
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