Swamp People Trapper Joe Boat
Swamp People Trapper Joe Boat on the water
Swamp People Gator Queen Liz Boat
Swamp People Gator Queen Liz Boat on the water
Seen on Swamp People

If you've seen our boats on Swamp People, you probably want to know more about them.

Here Doug and Becky of Alweld answer some questions about how their family's trusted boats came to be used by some of the most famous boaters in America.

Are Trapper Joe, Trigger Tommy and Gator Queen Liz REALLY using Alweld boats in this season of Swamp People?

Yes. Joe and Tommy have a custom built Alweld 2170 Flat and Liz has a custom built 1870.

How did they find out about Alweld boats?

Trapper Joe and Tommy have hunted out of an Alweld for years now. The flat bottom they used on the show for the previous seasons was actually an Alweld too. They’ve been loyal Alweld users for 25 years. Ms. Liz was looking for a tough boat to do her hunting out of.

Why did they choose Alweld to build their newest boats?

Alweld is known for their tough build and long lasting design. All of our boats are built with this in mind. Hauling gators and running the swamps can be hard on a boat. Just by watching the show, one can see why a gator hunter would need something durable and dependable. From hauling weight, to running in stumpy, muddy water, Alweld can definitely builds a boat that can toe the line.

What in particular did they like about the boats?

We build a wide variety of boats for hunters, fisherman, and recreation. Alweld is also known for our custom products. They were both looking for a wide-open boat that they could safely move around in and haul gators over the side. They could put their seats and consoles where they needed them to optimize space in the boat.

Did Joe and Liz ask for advice on the build of their boats?

Both Joe and Liz pretty much knew what they wanted when they came to us. We just put it all together for them.

What model do Joe and Tommy use?

Trapper Joe and Trigger Tommy have a 2170 Flat Bottom. It has a side console and a wash deck up front. It also has pontoons on the back for extra flotation. It has a 30 gallon built in fuel system.

What model does Liz use?

Ms. Liz has an 1870 Flat Bottom with a single seat and side console with Aluminum Floor and Sides. She is running a 115 Tohatsu.

Since they've had the new boats out on the water, have they given you any feedback?

Yes - we've heard from them telling us how much they love running the new boats. The details of the new season are top secret, but we do know Joe and Tommy had almost 50 gators in their boat at once.

Are Alweld boats just for the swamp or can they be used for other pursuits? Can you give some examples?

Alweld builds boats for the needs of the customer. We have built boats for the swamp, river, lake, and even The Gulf. They are used for racing, fishing, rescue, recreation, and hunting. The possibilities are endless.

Why should other people consider an Alweld boat?

Our goal is to build a boat ‘better than it needs to be’. Tough and reliable, our construction is solid. Also, we are family owned and operated. While you cannot buy a boat factory direct, we are glad to answer any of your questions regarding your new boat or give our advice on how to get the most out of your Alweld. We’ve been in the business over 30 years and our customer service is second to none.