Unsolicited Comments from Online Forums

From Crappie.com

“I bought a 1542 alweld in 1987 and this boat has been through **** !! It has hauled 4 wheelers in it we have duck hunted out of it and we even used it to push a small barge on a canal in the mississippi river. Needless to say it has been through it. It now has gone into retirement along with my dad and now he crappie fishes out of it about 4 to 5 days a week and I use it on the weekends. This boat has seen a lot of hard use over it's twenty years of service and it still has never leaked a drop and there are NO cracked welds on this boat PEROID. If this one ever wears out I would for sure buy another Alweld boat.”

From 'Brotherhood of Catfishermen'

“Any of you guys have an Alweld boat? What do ya think of em. Went by a dealership yesterday and liked the boats. Really liked the price. Wanted to ask the crew about them.”

“Tony Howard just bought his second Alweld (as you already know). As far as his first Alweld (because I havn't seen the new boat) It is a solid boat. Much more than the beer can I fish out of. Be forwared, It seems that somehow during the purchase of an Alweld boat you lose interest in fishing and turn into a "leg" man. If that doesn't skeer ya off, order one!”

“I have a 1650 xpress and have been putting it through hell for the last 3 years.........tough boat!! If this one ever wears out, you can bet I'll be buying another alweld.”

“I went with the Alweld brand because I got to see on in action. I fished some this past spring with a fellow who had one. The first thing I noticed about it, was the ridgedness. On a lot of boats, welded or revited, you can push on one conner and make the boat bow. This is due to the ga metal and the number of ribs/braces in the boat. Also the conners are very important. A boat need to have heavey conner gussets in them. The Alweld brand has heavey rolled conners. Then when I had them add the floor and side cover so no ribs show, I asked that the floor be welded solid. My old boat is and 1992 Alumiweld brand which became Express a year or two after I got mine. The boat has been through hell and it still does not leak. I do not however like the disign on the old boat, as it tappers to much in the front and the front deck is higher than the back transom. What happened to mine is with the 165 lbs 4 stroke hanging on the back, it made it to heavey in the back and it would not draft in the water right. I was almost taking on water just sitting there. The Alweld brand is kind of square. It is the same hight front to back and there is little to no tapper in the front. This make it sit level in the water. Note thought, I did special order my boat and it is classed as a commerical boat and I did have to reg. it as a commerical boat. So far I like the way the Alweld runs and handles. I have a 15x44 and it has 9 keels on the bottom. I hope this is what you are looking for.”