Keel Press in operation


Alweld boat and parts are pressed using both hand operated and computerized presses.

Our computerized press, as with the CAD design, is programmed personally by the Owner. Each identical part is pressed exactly the same, ensuring a perfect fit into the hull.

Keels - bends in the metal – are pressed into the hull of the boat to increase the hull's strength, intergrity and durability. An added benefit of more keels is a straighter ride, with less sliding and better handling.

Despite the extra aluminum used with the additon of each keel (and hence the added cost of production,) Alweld boats proudly have more keels than those of most other aluminum boat manufacturers, making our boats extremely tough and very maneouverable.

After keels are pressed, the hull pieces are formed to the shape of the boat. Alweld boats are wider from chine to chine in the front. This creates more space in the boat and ensures a drier ride.